Welcome to the Burbank Private Equity Group

By fostering connections with real estate developers, private portfolio owners, and real estate professionals nationwide, we have the capability to invest into exceptionally secure and profitable ventures.

Conventionally, the correlation between return on investment and the investor’s risk is a well-established principle. Opting for lower risk generally leads to lower returns, whereas embracing higher risk has the potential to yield proportionally greater returns.

At Burbank, we have a Win or Win approach to investing. Our meticulous structuring of investment opportunities markedly mitigates risk while yielding a robust return on investment. This attribute distinctly distinguishes Burbank from other opportunities.


A good deal safeguards invested capital, delivers a steady and superior rate of return compared to equally secure investment options, and contributes positively to the betterment of the world.

The number one rule is to preserve capital.

Burbank invests in assets that are performing and have a substantial intrinsic value. The purpose of deploying investment capital is to have it grow. Burbank structures all investments to provide healthy returns to the Funds.

We believe in making the world a better place, so we have committed to incorporate a philanthropic component to each fund.


We are excited about the future of our Investor portal as we establish the foundation for multiple funds, and create a place where our shareholders can transfer and trade shares through secondary market trading with the help of our fully regulated compliance and technology partners.


We use fully compliant ecosystem of partners and technology operated by regulated entities such as such as broker-dealers, secondary market operators, lawyers, auditors, transfer agents, due diligence providers, AML providers, share registries, corporate registries, custodians, regulators, and more. This technology ensures validation and consensus of transactions so that digital securities are fully compliant with securities regulations, while regulatory oversight of operators ensures they are trusted participants.

Through our trusted partners and technology, we ensure not only the validation and consensus of transactions but also that your digital securities and shares in our funds are easily accessible and visible to you right on our website.

A security is a tradable financial asset or instrument, but the legal definition might vary by jurisdiction. “Digital Security” can be loosely defined as “a tradable financial asset or instrument that has a digital representation on a DLT through tokenization.” So, the only difference between a security and a digital security is that it has a digital representation on a Digital Ledger Technology (Blockchain) through tokenization.



Private equity investments in real estate, oil & gas exploration, small/medium size businesses, and other opportunities are difficult to trade or sell, and in some conditions, it is restricted for a period of time. You are "stuck" in that investment until the GP decides to take action. Things are changing, and Burbank Private Equity Group is leading the way. Through strategic structuring of our offerings and by optimizing the flexibility of exemptions such as Regulation A+ combined with technology and digital securities, the dream of providing investors with liquidity to sell all or part of their investment position is no longer wishful thinking


The use of digital securities can automatically execute and record transactions and transfer ownership when pre-set conditions are met, eliminating counterparty risk. The undisputable transaction history provides a custody chain and drastically reduces any fraudulent activity, however, if an act of fraud is committed, the DLT provides a clear audited path of the transaction. This provides absolute accuracy in cap table management.


These digital securities provide the ability for faster and more accurate distribution to investors. More accurate records, transaction history, reporting and providing clear expectations.


Regulation A+ democratizes capital, enabling both accredited and non-accredited investors from around the world to participate in our funds. This grants individuals easy and efficient access to investments in private companies, expanding our global reach.


Use of these digital securities will enable smoother, faster, and potentially less expensive issuance, trading, and post-trade processes, leading to improved communication between issuers, investors, broker-dealers, and market infrastructures.


Burbank Private Equity fund provides both accredited and non-accredited investors the opportunity to own alternative investments with direct ownership in a straightforward, easy, and efficient manner. We democratize access to alternative investments in Real Estate, Life Sciences, Natural Resources, and Energy. Our team of highly experienced professionals, with years of expertise in real estate, construction, private equity, and business operations, brings valuable insights to the investor community.

With the creation of Regulation A+ in 2015, opportunities in various industry sectors have opened up to investors of all types. Burbank Private Equity is leading the way in offering investors unique opportunities and educating them on how to participate in these distinctive investment opportunities


Rodney E. Wilson Jr


Mr. Wilson has 25 years’ experience in construction, development, private equity, and business operations. For the last two years Mr. Wilson has been developing a vast understanding of digital assets and blockchain. Merging his years of experience structuring dynamic ventures with his newfound knowledge of digital assets and blockchain; Mr. Wilson is at the forefront of the emerging financial markets that are using technology to host and facilitate financial transactions.

Over the years, Mr. Wilson has amassed an enormous network of talented and influential people across the globe. These individuals have access to some of the best private venture opportunities available in the world. Others have enormous capital holdings and are seeking to place their capital with a wise steward of their investment capital. This opportunity has led to the creation of Burbank PEG.

Mr. Wilson has recruited a very talented team to guide and operate Burbank Private Equity Group. Guidance from the Board of Advisors, execution from the executive level operation team, and special insight from the Investment Commitees of subject mater experts, the Burbank team is prepared and commited to preservation of capital, growth of capital, and making the world a better place.

Jeran Dahl


Mr. Dahl is a seasoned financial professional with nearly a decade of experience in public accounting, specializing in middle-market mergers and acquisitions. Transitioning to a private equity-owned business and working with portfolio companies. His unique blend of advisory and operational experience provides him with a holistic perspective on the challenges and opportunities encountered by middle market enterprises.

A native of Fargo, North Dakota, Jeran holds a degree from Colorado State University and obtained his CPA license in Colorado. His multifaceted expertise and strong leadership will make a lasting impact on the Burbank team.

Brian Nelson


Mr. Nelson is a business owner and attorney. As partner and in-house counsel, he led the expansions and sales of two enterprise software companies to private equity and a strategic buyer. Mr. Nelson is also co-founder and principal of real estate investment companies, which currently manage assets ~2M SF of industrial, mixed use, office and residential.

Prior to entrepreneurial ventures, Mr. Nelson was an attorney with AM Law 100 firms, where he focused on corporate law, venture capital and intellectual property commercialization in diverse industries.

Mr. Nelson graduated with Honors from the University of Maryland in Government and Politics, Economics, and Spanish. Mr. Nelson spent a summer studying Spanish and Economics in Valencia, Spain at the Universität de Valencia. Mr. Nelson went on to earn his Juris Doctor at the University of Miami School of Law.

Among several community activities, he recently launched a multi-year lymphedema training program between the University Miami Miller School of Medicine and Sylvester Cancer Institute and is a long-time supporter of JAFCO, which supports children and families impacted by abuse, neglect, and special needs.

Brian P. Callanan

Managing Director of Investor Relations

Mr. Callanan has over 30 years’ business experience including Fortune 500 global and national account management in telecommunications, real estate, private wealth management and investment banking. Mr. Callanan’s experience with compliance yields a mind wired for survival, which allows him to see risk and mitigate it before it can cause any damage.

Mr. Callanan graduated from Framingham State University, where he earned his degree in History and MA Secondary Education. Also, he studied at The College of Financial Planning and The American College of Financial Services. Mr. Callanan holds his FINRA Series SIE, 7, 24, 63, 66, 79, 82 as well as AAMS, AIF, CBC, CEPA, CLTC, CVB and RICP. Mr. Callanan is an international Best-Selling Author and has worked in some of the best-known firms in the world.

Mr. Callanan’s philanthropic activities are diverse given his leadership roles with Boy Scouts of America. Mr. Callanan raised an Eagle Scout and was an Eagle Advisor to many others. Mr. Callanan as a work ethic and tenacity second to none, he is a valuable member of the Burbank team.

Jon Karas

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Karas is a Finance, Entertainment, and Technology entrepreneur, seasoned capital formation leader, film producer, and talent representative. With over 25 years in the entertainment and finance industries, Mr. Karas is a major force at the intersection of finance, celebrity, and social good. This background has led to becoming founding members of several different international companies. Most recently this includes a partnership with Grammy award winning artist Akon. Mr. Karas serves as President of Akoin, redefining economies in Africa and co-ventured with Akon Lighting Africa which has brought clean energy to over 1 million people so far.

Mr. Karas earned his A.B. degree at Vassar College, then attended the University of Miami where he earned his Juris Doctor, then attended New York University where he earned a master’s degree in Corporate Law and Finance. Mr. Karas brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the Burbank team.

Mark Finkelstein

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Finkelstein is a seasoned veteran in the commercial real estate industry. With over 35 years’ experience, Mr. Finkelstein has developed, owned, and managed over 1 million sq ft of commercial space and 1000’s of multi-family units. Mr. Finkelstein has negotiated with some of the most well-known national retail tenants such as Home Depot, Pet Smart, TJX Companies, and many more.

Mr. Finkelstein is a graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he earned his Economics Business degree, followed by an MBA in Business Finance from Wayne State University.

Mr. Finkelstein brings a tremendous amount of experience and wisdom of real estate financial structures, due diligence and underwriting, and property management to the Advisory Board of Burbank.

Harold A. Rowley IV

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Rowley embodies a winning mindset, evident in his leadership of the University of Florida football team, which clinched two National Championships, as well as his remarkable track record in guiding companies to substantial growth and success. With a knack for motivating individuals and assembling high-performing teams, Mr. Rowley possesses a wealth of experience spanning various industries. However, his unparalleled expertise lies in his ability to inspire action and drive toward achievement.

A proud graduate of the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, Mr. Rowley holds a degree in Business Administration. His educational background, coupled with his unwavering determination, fuels his capacity to bring a surge of energy and lucid thinking to the Advisory Board of Burbank. Mr. Rowley’s distinctive perspective and vast resources are invaluable assets to the team.

John M. Harrington, III

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Harrington is a senior executive, business innovator, and philanthropist who has successfully launched, advised, and developed companies around the world. Mr. Harrington has spent the last 50 years advising with High-Net-Worth Individuals, Family Offices, and global corporations in Europe and the United States. Mr. Harrington has also contributed to the success of numerous companies in emerging markets, disruptive technologies, and mergers & acquisitions.

Mr. Harrington is a graduate of two New England institutions St. Sebastian’s School (1970) and Harvard College (1974, AB).

Mr. Harrington is also involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors within the United States and around the world. These include service on the boards of three Boston area hospitals as well as the Oversight Committee of the Harvard School of Public Health.

Mr. Harrington brings 50 years of experience and some of the most influential connections for any occasion. His resources are unbounded.

Derek Cozzens

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Cozzens is a senior executive who has over 20 years of real estate management and 13 years’ experience of working in the private equity industry. With proven leadership in ecommerce, digital retail, and manufacturing companies, Mr. Cozzens has a deep understanding of what it takes to operate a successful company. Serving as CFO for many Private Equity ventures for over a decade, Mr. Cozzens has acquired the unique skillset of an entrepreneur and a critical thinker who analyzes economics and financials to tell a story.

Mr. Cozzens is a graduate of Stanford University Graduate School of Business – Emerging CFO International Business, Strategy, and Finance. Also, The University of Denver – Daniels College of Business – International MBA, International Finance.

Mr. Cozzens brings an economic prowess to the Advisory Board of Burbank; his experience and guidance is extremely valuable.


Our Investors have access to a state-of-the-art Investor portal where Investor can manage investments, track performance of a Fund or a specific portfolio company of the Fund, Invest into Funds, transfer an asset, Trade an asset on our secondary marketplace, and much more.

A new Investor to the Burbank Private Equity Group can expect to receive login access to an investor portal (dashboard). The investor will complete the profile contact information and perform KYC/AML compliance. Once an Investor has invested in a Fund, the Investor will have access to the fund’s confidential information, underwriting criterion, monthly activity reports, investment committee notes, new investment due diligence files, performance, and financial reports. Investors will be assigned a dedicated account executive, readily available to address inquiries or offer necessary assistance pertaining to Burbank-related matters.

If you have technical difficulties, please email: support@burbankpeg.com.


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